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Halfway there, and a trip to Vegas!

Working as the Online Communities and Marketing Coordinator for SBE has been a fantastic experience. My co-op term has passed the halfway mark and I don’t know where the time went; in just one month I will have to say goodbye to my second home. Working with Patrycja in the marketing department has been wonderful and is a prime example of a stress-free job. Her daily anecdotes about family life and a small coffee are just about all I need to keep happy at the desk. The bulk of my work is focused on making changes to the Laurier website, managing our social media pages and planning SBE events (and of course, the added perk of planning events, is attending them). Laurier’s Development Day, the SOBDR Conference and CEO in Residence events have presented a great opportunity to learn from successful individuals, meet some fantastic people and enjoy the free food (heh). But really…so much food.

In just one week from today I fly out to Las Vegas for the Rubik’s Cube World Championships at the Riviera Casino & Hotel. To say I’m excited is an understatement; I have been practicing a lot lately and I’m eager to improve my rank of 44th in the world and 4th in Canada. My main goal for the event is to break the Canadian record for solving as many Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded as possible in under an hour (current record is 10…we’ll see how I do!). Hopefully I will bring home the gold for Laurier!

Finally, here are two fun facts about working on campus:

Fun fact #1: This position grants the use of TWO monitors. I have never felt so important.
Fun fact #2: Counting the number of students who mistake the office (P2115) for a classroom is really entertaining. They typically reach about five steps in before turning around and walking out awkwardly. This happens a lot.

Until next time,

Eric Limeback ’15 (Co-op)
Online Communities and Marketing Coordinator, SBE
Wilfrid Laurier University

5 Days for the Homeless

5 Days for the Homeless has been a prominent campaign on Laurier campus for the past several years. Year after year we can somehow convince 5 people to voluntarily sleep outside with no access to food, basic necessities, and with just the clothes on their back and sleeping bags.  They still have to attend classes, hand in assignments, go to group meetings, and even study. This is all happening while they don’t have a bed to sleep in, caffeine to fuel the late night studying or other basic necessities.

Did I mention already that these students do this VOLUNTARILY?

It’s crazy to think of the passion that these students have in raising awareness and donations for an amazing cause such as 5 Days. By sacrificing their basic necessities, they are helping to demonstrate the struggles that youth across Canada experience by having no home to live in.

Do you think you could sacrifice all of that?

Each year, 5 Days collaborates with local charities Argus and ROOF who offer services and support for youth homelessness in the KW area. They are the experts who work diligently each year to find ways to improve the lives of those struggling on the streets. Each year, it is with great happiness that we can present them with a cheque to help support their services.

So take a stroll across campus and be sure to visit these volunteers by the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. They will be camped out there until this Friday actively campaigning for the youth homeless in the KW area.

Feeling passionate about 5 Days? Show your passion and donate today!

Check out 5 Days for the Homeless on Facebook and online:

Sarina Bruni
School of Business & Economics Students’ Society

The Growing Demand for Specialized Skills: decanting creativity into sustainable innovation

When I first entered the world of manufacturing about 30 years ago, businesses competed by either being cost effective, or flexible – but there was always a trade-off. Today, businesses have to be cost-effective, flexible, and offer a high-quality product or service. The only way to do this and stay competitive is to innovate – and one of the greatest competitive advantages is technological innovation.

 Living in Waterloo Region – which is home to companies such as Research In Motion, Desire2Learn and Christie – I’ve seen first hand the increasing reliance on innovation as a competitive edge. I have also witnessed how innovation has changed the pace of doing business. Having a technological advantage is no longer a luxury. It is the standard for doing business – and employers are demanding those critical-thinking and problem-solving skills more and more.

This increased reliance on technology comes at a time demand for more specialized graduate degrees is apparently on the rise. According to recent data from the Graduate Management Admissions Council, which administers the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), about three quarters of specialized management, accounting, finance and executive degree programs reported application increases in 2012.

 About two years ago, I had a conversation with a friend who is a senior leader at a large tech company in Waterloo Region. We were talking about how the key executives who drive innovation in organizations, such as chief information officers, might have degrees in engineering or science but might not have the broader problem-solving skills that can help them successfully take an innovation to market. This led to the creation of Laurier’s Executive Masters in Technology Management (EMTM), which just saw its first cohort graduate.

 EMTM students take a variety of courses that focus on developing problem-solving skills, which they then directly apply to a research project related to challenges or growth opportunities in their organization. The impact of having a more specialized program focused on sustainable innovation and real-world application is that students can immediately begin applying their knowledge in the workplace.

According to the results of Toronto Next: Return on Innovation, these types of skills are needed if Canada is to boost its productivity scores and remain competitive. The report – which surveyed employers in large, medium and small organizations in the Greater Toronto Area – found that 76 per cent of respondents strongly agreed that innovation is an effective tool in gaining a competitive advantage over the competition. In addition, 66 per cent of large businesses reported that they were very likely to invest in innovation if it helped make an existing process more efficient and effective. And when asked to identify reasons for Canada’s lagging innovation record, the number one response for one third of respondents was that Canada is too dependent on “old economy” industries.

It’s easy to say the business world is always changing, but never before have companies had to innovate at such a quick rate. Employers are demanding the critical-thinking skills and the experience to successfully take an innovation to market, and it’s up to post-secondary institutions to prepare employees for the new marketplace.


Hamid Noori, PhD
Director, Executive Masters in Technology Management program
Laurier School of Business & Economics

Welcome Back to Campus!

Welcome back to campus!

Seems like the fall just flew by and I suspect this term will fly by just as fast… if not faster.

Can you believe it? We’re already a week into classes and the campus is thriving with action again. With the JDCC competition this weekend, hiring for club positions, and the SBESS & WLUSU elections, it’s crazy to think that this is all happening just in January. 

 So we all know the imposed social norm to develop a new year’s resolution. And every year I fail miserably as I set too many goals and become too ambitious. This year, I have decided to shake things up. I actually had a friend who shared this idea with me and here I am sharing it with you. Not only do I think I will be able to achieve this resolution, but I think it will remind me of many happy memories. Every time that something amazing happens this year, or I laugh uncontrollably, I will write it down. When I witness something extraordinary or memorable, I will keep track of it. At the end of the year, the goal is to read through all of my memories and revel in all of the remarkable experiences I was privileged to have.


The first item on the list:

#1: That time my roommates and I dragged the couch off the curb, huffing and puffing up the driveway. That is, after being chased up the driveway by the neighbourhood skunk. I have now shed a new light on skunks and their ability to waddle. Remembering it right now, I still cannot get over how fast that skunk moved and how at ease it was walking up our driveway. The reign of terror, Skunk style, has officially begun. Bring. It. On.

 Now I’m not suggesting that you set this goal, or even to set up a new year’s resolution at all. But if you are looking for something to accomplish this year, nothing could be more amazing than remembering, being thankful, and enjoying the time you spent with family and friends this year.

Good luck with the new year!


Sarina Bruni
4th Year BBA Student
President, SBESS                                      

My First Day - Co-op Work Term 2.0

Everyone is a little bit nervous on their first day of work. Even though this is my second work term, I was no exception. I even forgot to bring a notebook and a pen.

My day started out with the usual - filling out form after form followed by a tour of the office and introductions to my co-workers. In the middle of all this, I was informed that a man by the name of Fred Nichols (yes, the Fred Nichols of the Fred Nichols Campus Center), likes to come around everyday and give everyone in the office a hug. Not 30 seconds after that, he walked in and gave me the biggest bear hug, before I even introduced myself. After that, I was no longer nervous.

I really and truly could not have asked for a better first day. Everyone in the office was so welcoming and helpful. And a special thanks to Hayley Iacocca for all of her awesome help and training.

Melissa Jarosz `14 (Co-op)
Alumni Event & Project Specialist, Development & Alumni Relations
Wilfrid Laurier University

My first days at Laurier SBE

So here I am, sitting at my new desk feeling like a boss - mainly because I have 2 computer screens and an actual window to the outside world (usually only a fantasy for coop students). At 8:30 in the morning, the word “coffee” is becoming more and more appealing to me. I will try to resist the urge to order a caramel, peppermint mocha latte with 3 shots of espresso, heavy on the whipped cream, filled 2/3 to top with a cardboard holder and thin straw, pour whole milk on top with 3 shakes of Cinnamon or something simple like that from Starbucks. As for the work itself, it’s great! Where else could you spend a good chunk of your day on Twitter and Facebook? And my bosses? Even better!

Congratulations Laurier SBE, for being the first job I look forward waking up to in the morning.

Mike Paolini ‘14 (Co-op)                                                                             Marketing Coordinator                                                                                  Wilfrid Laurier University (SBE)

Last Days - kind of

Today is the last day of my co-op placement with Laurier SBE Marketing & Communications. Much like the last game of the season, the last day of high school, or the last five minutes of Arthur, the feeling is bittersweet.

The excitement of having a work term under my belt and entering my third year of university is great, especially when that excitement is further supported by my trip to Cuba (leaving tomorrow!), but working here has been unlike any other job I’ve had - I don’t actually want to leave! Two weeks ago, I quit my other job; a part-time gig at a grocery store that I’ve had since I was fifteen – and upon leaving, I felt a lot like this:

I walked out of there the only way I knew how – like a boss. However, being done this work term, my sentiments are drastically different. I imagine my office like a person, and when I leave, that person will most likely be listening to this on repeat while eating buckets of ice cream. I imagined that I would walk out of here ready to party and eat unlimited Cuban food in Santa Clara tomorrow – but what really happened was a little different.

This fall, I will be working for SBE Marketing & Communications part-time. Most people would think that leaving a full-time job to then continue part-time is like breaking up with somebody and then having repeated awkward encounters with that person, but it’s actually like eating a delicious subway sandwich and then having the two cookies from your combo (side note: Subway’s chocolate chip cookies are seriously the best cookies in the world).

So despite being blessed with the opportunity to continue this job that I love, return to this office that I have made my home, and reunite with these coworkers that I have made my friends, the good folks here at SBE Marketing & Communications decided to get me going-away gifts. After noticing that I have been re-using a broken water bottle for months, Patrycja and Megan got me a fancy purple one so that I can quench my thirst in Laurier style.

The highlight however, is this amazing POP Phone.

How did they know? I’ve wanted it for months, that is how. Why would I want to use an iPhone add-on that looks like a telephone model that existed before I was born? Because I have now worked in the business world, and telephones are serious business. I have been making important phone calls all day, just look:


I’d like to dedicate this blog post to Megan Harris and Patrycja Gadomski-Cebo. I needed to show the whole community how great the staff members at SBE are, and how much fun it has been working with you both (can’t forget Christie Chrisy). I can’t wait to come back!

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away"

At Laurier SBE we recognize the importance of a photograph; the moment in time that it captured and the alleged one thousand words that it speaks. On campus, these moments range from frosh week excitement to club events to homecoming. During your time at Laurier you will undoubtedly study a lot, but you will never remember the 73% you got on a quiz. You will remember the laughs, your successes, your involvement, and probably St. Patties day.

Submitted by Klara Raic, Atrium Media Group
Submitted by Klara Raic, Atrium Media Group

SBEphotos is a brand new program that we started to help share these moments with the Laurier School of Business & Economics community. We’d love to share your successes, your happiness, and your hilarious pictures with our extended family. How does it work?

·         You send your pictures to

·         We’ll send you a return e-mail to ensure that you recognize we’ll be spreading these photos throughout our social networks. Your picture will be featured on our Facebook page, our Twitter timeline, our Instagram feed, and last but not least, our blog

What do we want? This is easy: everything. Are you in a club on campus? Send us pictures of your event. Are you and your friends procrastinating before your exam by taking funny pictures? Send them to us. Are you a proud parent with photos of your son or daughter being honored at the Leaders’ Wall Unveiling? Please, send them to us.

Submitted by Gabriel Pirvu, School of Business & Economics Students’ Society

At SBE Marketing, we’re all about our community and we’re very proud of its members. At the end of the day, your best moments are our best moments – so take a photo, don’t let that moment run away.

Submitted by:
Fiz Lokku
SBE Marketing Coordinator
3rd year BBA/Financial Math student

Please e-mail all photos to or see us in the 2nd floor of the Peters’ Building: P2115

The Best Summer of my Life - Let’s Go September!

Phew! Glad to be done those exams but where has the time gone?! As a third-year business student, I just finished one of the toughest years in the Laurier business administration program.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy every minute of it.

Spending the summer at Laurier is a one of a kind experience: from the tight knit community within the students to the baseball league to the atmosphere of the city, I could not have imagine Laurier to be any more amazing! I had the best time of my life at Laurier this summer.

Now I love being involved and am fortunate enough to be President of the School of Business & Economics Students’ Society (SBESS). September is a very busy time for us and SBESS is looking forward to welcoming first year business and economics students! I know how terrifying and thrilling coming to university is, which is why I love our Orientation Day (O-Day) event so much. It’s a change for students to meet fellow peers, mingle with upper year students, and even have a chance to talk to Laurier professors. With this event fast approaching, we’ll be spending our time making sure everything is good to go!

With a couple of weeks until then, I’ll be busy preparing, relaxing, and enjoying those fading summer rays. See you in September, Laurier!

Submitted by: Sarina Bruni

3rd Year Laurier BBA Student

President, SBESS


Laurier EMTM

Well, this is truly a dream come true! The first year of our Executive Masters in Technology Management is over and what an interesting and sometimes surprising one it’s been! 

Our learners demonstrated a real flair for openness and capacity to learn given their busy work schedules, and as their confidence grew, they developed a sense of partnership, and began to look as if they had been working together all their lives.

So, I find it only appropriate to give a big “thank you” to our learners for their participation and commitmentand for their sacrifice as the first cohort in this new program. 

Thank you to the sponsoring companies, our faculty, and the guest speakers from around the globe.

Thank you to the staff who have supported and helped us throughout the year  we couldn’t have done it without you.

There’s an old saying - “it matters not if you win or lose, but how you play the game”. Thank you for helping us play the game right!

For me, it’s an honour and a privilege to be associated with the EMTM program and a group of dedicated professionals.

Submitted by: Hamid Noori, PhD
Director, Laurier EMTM